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Seed Maintenance and Storage Unit is one of the planting and preservation of plant genetics activities (2
nd activity). Seed storage can be a useful tool in many areas of plant conservation. Proper storage techniques make it possible to sow and plant when convenient instead of having to schedule around seed availability.

  • To be a central  for seed storage (a central gene bank) for seeds derived from research centers within Plant Genetic Conservation Project areas. Seeds are packed in cans, plastics and aluminum foil packets, etc.

  • To be data collection  of seeds and seed maintenance as a gene bank. Seeds are stored in three main types of collection:
    -  Short term ( at 5 celsius for 3-5 years)
    -  Medium term ( at -10 celsius for 20 years)
    -  Long term ( at 20 - celcius for greater than 50 years)


  • To monitor accession of germination of stored seeds periodically:
    - Rolled tower on filter paper
    - Germination on sterile soil in propagators
    - Germination on mixed soil with coconut fibers

  • To test for viability and regeneration of stored seeds periodically

  • To be plant germplasm bank for routine distribution or exchange. The provide samples to breeders and other scientists for evaluation.



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