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          The aim of this activity is to create  awareness of plant genetics within the population, especially the new generation. We aim to educate the population to understand the advantage of plant genetic and preservation of unique of plant genetic resources. We aim to show that the study of botany can be very enjoyable, with delightful teaching and training rather than stressful teaching for the youthful. Access to school botanical garden can be used to foster and awareness of nature and folk wisdom and the role of plant genetic resources. Each school botanical garden has unique examples of living plants, specimens, and a library. The continuous study plants allows the use of plants as the media for learning and teaching on various subjects.



  Plant Genetic Conservation Project Office
The Royal Chitralada Palace, Dusit , Bangkok 10303 ,Thailand
Tel /Fax : 02-2821850, 02-2820665
E-mail : admin@plantgenetics-rspg.org

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